Lady Hawks

Today was Day 1 of the annual President’s Day Tournament for volleyball.  It involved meeting the team at Caribou Coffee at 6:00am to head out for the hour long drive to the location of round one.  I have a love/hate relationship with this tournament.  I hate getting up that early.  I hate the driving that far.  But I love a weekend of volleyball and I love the memories it builds.  Today the girls took second place in their pool.  They looked good. Kayla served 11 points in a row during one game and had several aces (unreturned serves) and kills (unreturned hits/spikes).  I am so very proud of her.  She told me on the way home that she really loves the game.  And I love watching her play.  She has worked so hard and really developed her skills.  At 5’3″ with about a 2″ vertical jump she will likely never get a college scholarship, but she adores the game, works hard, and is  captain of her team. 
 As with any 8th grade girl, the most important part of the game is looking good.  The girls take turns bringing ribbons to the game to wear in their hair.  She saves them and displays them on her bag. 
Unless you have a ladder next to the net, volleyball is not very conducive to good pictures, but here’s a snapshot

And here’s how my boys feel about Project 365



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10 responses to “Lady Hawks

  1. Jena Photography

    Great shots. TFS!

  2. janett

    Love the ribbons, and the last son is so my son too!

  3. Jason

    Nice shots, I really like the last one! Also hello to a fellow Minnesotant!

  4. Suzy

    lol,, I think my “boys” feel the same way about the project.. However I still enjoy seeing photos like these – even if they hide :).. Nice shots!

  5. Jodar

    Great photos! I get the same looks from my boys sometimes too.

  6. Linnao

    Great photos, love the volleyball one and the ribbon!

  7. Reds

    Love that your boys got into the 365 challenge! LOL!

  8. Angela2932

    I love the ribbon shot, and the hat over the face shot! Great captures.

  9. --sme

    I love the ribbons on her bag! And your other shots are great documentation of your life right now! 🙂

  10. Nicki,

    Oh my gosh – I have that same reaction from my DH and DS. Great team shots BTW!

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