Lady Hawks: Part Deux

Sunday was the second and final day of Kayla’s volleyball tournament.  I won’t go into all of the gory details, but we experienced some of the poorest sportsmanship I have ever seen.  Well, I will give you one example….because I just cannot let it go.  

We were in the semi-finals for our bracket.  We had fought hard to get there and beat teams that on paper we should not have beat.  We were playing our biggest rival.  We lost the first game of the match to them.  It wasn’t a complete embarrassment, but it was clear we were outmatched.  During the second game we hung tough.  My husband overheard a parent on the opposing team say to a friend, “Well, at least they’re giving us a good game this time.”  I was appalled by this.  We came back to win both the second and third games to take the match and eliminate them from the bracket.  It was such an exciting moment…I literally had tears in my eyes for those girls!  They won through pure heart, guts, and determination.  And the icing on the cake was that Kayla served the match winning point. 
Again, volleyball is tough to shoot and I know that these are blurry and some are far from perfect, but I love the emotion conveyed in some of them.  

The immediate reaction:

The post-match cheer

Bruce congratulating Kayla on a great game. She really looked good that day!



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4 responses to “Lady Hawks: Part Deux

  1. Amy

    These definitely convey the excitement those girls must have felt! And wtg to them, what a mean woman to make such a rude comment.

  2. Mandy

    That is awesome. I love these pictures of the winning game. I really hate that parents do that stuff. It makes me angry as well.

  3. Mom2Drew

    You can FEEL the excitement!

  4. Suzy

    Wow sounds like the girls worked hard!! Ignor that other parents comment. They obviously have no manners. Love these pix!

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