Has Spring Sprung?

Kayla loves the Dollar Section at Target.  I think she would spend every waking moment there and take one of everything if I allowed it.  

A few weeks ago she bought a tiny lavender plant.  She came home, planted it, and has tended to it lovingly every day since then.  It sits in our kitchen and one tiny seed has sprouted.  It’s not much, but it gives me hope that this is not an eternal winter. 


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17 responses to “Has Spring Sprung?

  1. Mandy

    Hey…that is one beautiful sight in this abyss that is Maine. I love it. And I think its so precious that she has taken care of it herself.

  2. pat

    Lovely–and lovely thought, too. Your header is sooo inviting; I’d like to be sitting right there!

  3. Sharon

    So sweet. Nice DOF.

  4. Kelly

    wonderful.. very sharp and I love the angle

  5. Reds

    That is one sweet shot! Love lavender and have some in my garden – smells so heavenly! Hope your little plant becomes big!

  6. Jason

    Great composition! I really like that shot.

  7. Susan Beth

    Wonderful shot! I so long for Spring!

  8. Meaghan

    Great shot! I love lavendar. Maybe I should plant some this year. 🙂

  9. Lou

    Aaahh….spring. I like the angle on your photo.

  10. Michelle

    just perfect! I love how tiny and delicate the sprout looks. and I love the dollar section too!

  11. Michelle Duckworth

    I love that dollar section too… and I will buy everything! Great shot. Cute little sprout.

  12. Diana

    that cute little sprout reminds me that spring is almost here.

  13. Jena Photography

    Great job Kayla! Hmm I can’t wait for spring. TFS

  14. Jess

    Aww, good job Kayla! I absolutely LOVE lavender… that is one of my favorite scents! 🙂

  15. Amy

    Great shot, I love the red and also your angle! 🙂

  16. Suzy

    That gives me hope to! Yea perhaps spring will be here someday! Nice shot!~

  17. Angela2932

    I love the processing. . . and the optimism!. . . of this!

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