Family is Everything

Friday night I went to my hometown to go out with my family. The Friday night outing is a regular event with my sister, my step-brothers and my step-dad. Because I live nearly an hour away I only get to join in a couple of times a year. It always makes me happy to go there and be able to just be myself. I love being with my family. They know everything about me and love me anyway. It is so relaxing for me to not have to worry about what everyone is thinking.
My sister, especially, is very special to me. She helped and supported me through so many things in my younger days. She accepted and loved me when I probably didn’t deserve it. She was my shoulder to cry on and my soft place to land. In the last 18 months her life has been turned upside down and I only hope I have been able to offer her the love that she gave to me. Sara, if you are reading this I nub you!!!


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