Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs…

Winter in Minnesota is long and bleak. I have been taking a lot of snapshots for Project 365 but have been really itching to get out and get some really great shots. Yesterday I tried to get some photos of some interesting patterns in the snow

Then, I figured I would try and get some shots of my poor cancerous dog who no longer even has the energy to walk away when I pull out my camera

Today I made up my mind that I would find something beautiful. I drove around Carver County for an hour looking for something. No luck. So I decide to drive 45 minutes one way to my home town where I know the swans are back in full force on the Mississippi. I managed to get 4 shots of the birds before they flew away and 2 of the river before my hands were literally numb and I had nearly slipped and dropped my camera in the river. Twice.

Then it dawns on me that what I need is color. I cannot deal with the desolate landscape right now. So I decide to go to Target, buy some crayons and set up a really cool shot. I immediately knew what I would do with the shot when I saw it!



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13 responses to “Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs…

  1. CindyTykie

    Some days it just hard to find the “right” shot. I love your sweet doggie photo

  2. Jess

    I feel ya sister! I am feeling SO uninspired lately and I KNOW it has everything to do with how brown, and dreary, and cold it’s been. Spring can’t come soon enough!

  3. Chell

    I love the doggie photo too but I feel you in finding things that inspire you. I am in a major funk right now

  4. janett

    Oh man, I know the feeling! But that dog is way too cute!

  5. pat

    I think this time of year we are all in a funk–too much time inside, too little sun, too little blue sky. Love your shot of the swans–very cool.

  6. Angela2932

    I know what you mean. . . winter really does make it hard to find photo inspiration. I really like your bird shot. (and the water’s not even frozen!)

  7. Michelle

    Gotta agree that the winter does some serious damage to my creativity. But I really like that shot of the birds. Good luck on finding your mojo!

  8. Suzy

    You got some awesome shots on your adventure! Just you wait spring will be here and with it will come so many pretty things to inspire us! Great shots!

  9. Jodar

    They look like a lot better than my blah days! great job!

  10. Reds

    Think you rejected a lot of shots I would have kept šŸ˜‰ – Love the bright colors of the crayons! So sorry about your very sick dog! šŸ˜¦

  11. Lori

    Great Post!!! I feel your pain – I’m so ready for some color outside!

  12. Diana

    i dont know why you rejected all of these great shots! love the swans,the crayons, esp love the one of Cy and wonderful BLUE water.

  13. Nicki,

    Oh Cy – I just want to hug him! I don’t have his health condition – but totally get the feeling. I frankly like some of your “reject” pictures. Come back to them in a couple of days – you will see the lovely geese in flight, interesting blue ripples in your river (maybe cropped down and photoshopped with filters??) and interesting crayons.
    [BTW – if you want a space between your title and pictures, go to your HTML and put
    at the beginning {that is computer speak for space} – my DD educated me on this ! lol – just thought I would share!]

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