Yesterday’s Session

I had the opportunity to do a practice session with the beautiful Miss C yesterday. She came to me with her big brown eyes wearing the cutest tutu paired with leggings and pink converse high tops and my heart immediately skipped a beat. Unfortunately, Miss C was in no mood to deal with the strange lady and her camera. I tried. I really did. I put the camera down many times, sang songs, talked to her about her brothers and her favorite TV shows. I had balloons and a pinwheel. I tried peek-a-boo and many other silly things I won’t go into here, but I could not get her to warm up. I am not sure how many photos I will be able to show her mom, but got a couple that I think I like. Hopefully her mom does, too… (These aren’t my final edits…just what I have come up with so far….)



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16 responses to “Yesterday’s Session

  1. Erika

    You did awesome! It is hard to get good shots when kids aren’t cooperating, isn’t it? But look at these! They are amazing! I love love the last one!

  2. Shanna Jones

    That second one is cute!

  3. Sharon

    Nice captures! I really like the saturated colors.

  4. Beth

    She is lovely, and hopefully her mom will appreciate the shots. I think they are great!

  5. Becky

    I think the ones you were able to get are cute! I love all the bright color. I just read your previous post about trying to find beauty this time of year–I hear ya, sister!

  6. shirley

    I think these are really good, even with an uncooperative one. The colors in the last one are amazing.

  7. pat

    Nice work, considering you had uncooperative model. She really has pretty eyes, and that first peek-a-boo shot shows that.

  8. Tori

    These are really cute! Love the one from behind with the balloons.

  9. Diana

    what! i thought you said they were horrible. i dont see any horrible shots here, cant wait to see more

  10. Rachael

    You did a great job, I love the colors in these!

  11. Meaghan

    Great job! I love the last one.

  12. Mandy

    I love the last one…its just gorgeous.

  13. Reds

    She is too cute – love her face in the second one and that last shot is adorable!


    such a cutie!

  15. Amy

    These that you showed are adorable! She sure is cute! 🙂

  16. Candy Raines

    I love them !! Beautiful pics !!

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