Lazy Days and Yahtzee

In our house we have something lovingly known as “Lazy Days”.  It began when Noah was 2 or 3 and I worked a couple of days a week.  Sometimes  on a non-work day I’d get Kayla off to school I just didn’t feel like doing anything.  We would stay in our jammies all day, watch movies, play games, snuggle, and just hang out.  Lazy Days didn’t happen often, but once in a while Noah would actually request one.  As the kids have gotten older they have become few and far between but today was one of those day.  

Noah brought out one of my all time favorite games to play:  Yahtzee.  We sat down at the table for a few games, camera by my side. 

Noah decided it was high time I was in front of the camera rather than behind it.  I’d love to show you those pictures but like I said, it was a Lazy Day.  There will be no photos posted of me in my jammies, glasses on, disheveled hair.  When you have a short cut it’s not like you can just throw it in a ponytail and call it good.  Oh no.  It is painfully obvious that you have not showered.  Maybe I’ll let him take pictures of me on a day when I have put some effort into looking human.  Until then, you get to look at these. 

Photos like these are why I’m glad I hung onto my little P&S.  I keep it in my purse just in case something happens that I want to capture while we’re out and about in our everyday lives.  It will never replace my DSLR but it comes in handy for moments like these. 

And one final shot of the day…

That, my friends, is what we like to call a Yahtzee the hard way.  In hockey they’d call it a one-timer.  And it was my second one of the game.  100 points for that bad boy.  Ah, yes, it was a good day.



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15 responses to “Lazy Days and Yahtzee

  1. Lauren (MichyM)

    Love that first shot, and that you were able to get those dice as they rolled out of the cup, very cool. Our “lazy days” are called “family days” but now that C is away at college, sadly we don’t have them any more. Congrats on 2 Yahtzees, I’d imagine you kicked butt on that game!

  2. Pat

    Great shot on the first one, with the dice falling out of the cup. My DD calls these Jammies Days, since she and the DGDs all stay in their comfies all day.

  3. I LOVE that first shot. Perfect use of your SS!

  4. We have those days here except we call them Jamma Day. Eliana and I have them twice a week. TFS your story.

  5. Fun captures! Ryan got yatzhee for Christmas but hasn’t opened it yet.

  6. Meaghan

    Lazy days sound like so much fun! I love the first picture.

  7. Ahhh…. I LOVE lazy days! I don’t get as many of them as I used to either, and I do stay home every day, LOL!

  8. Well he looks like a pure natural, and I love lazy days. I need to go throw myself in the shower after this to make sure I don’t have one. 😛

  9. Beth

    I loved that he looks so comfortable with your SLR! The last shot of the dice is great, too!

  10. These are great pix. At first I thought that first shot was the vacuum hose sucking up the dice lol.

  11. Rachael

    I love that first shot as well! I also love your son with the camera, that’s great! 🙂

  12. Angela2932

    I love the sense of motion in your first photo! Long, long ago, our lazy days usually involved legos on the dining room table. . . and my husband, poor wonderful, guy. . . would come home from work and be greeted with . . “ummmm. . . .what’s for dinner?”

  13. Snapshots? I wish I took snapshots like yours! I love the first shot – the movement, action. One day, I know you’ll share the pictures your DS takes.

  14. We have lazy days, too! My youngest dd loves to hang out in her pj’s all day. During Christmas break, she’ll rarely get dressed at all…only if we’re going somewhere. She’ll shower, then put on clean pj’s! Thanks for the chance to win the magazine!

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