Wii Are Family

Trying my hand at the desaturated look that is so popular right now, but I think I love rich colors too much to get into this trend….




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18 responses to “Wii Are Family

  1. Oooh, looks like fun. Mariocart?

  2. Pat

    I played Mariocart with my DGD–and did NOT have the wheel. It is SOOO hard with the controller!

  3. Ha! And my kids prefer NOT to use the wheel. 😉

    BTW, good photos that tell a story are always trendy. 😀

  4. Great pic! I love playing MarioKart

  5. I love your depth of field! I hear you though, I prefer the brighter colors too!

  6. Beth

    I love the point of view on this shot!

  7. Meaghan

    I love the bright colors too. Great DOF!

  8. Fun shot! I love the composition.

  9. I’m with you with the brighter colors – cool shot!

  10. Hahaha…wii are too! I love the driving games myself.

  11. Melissa

    Love the perspective! “Wii” have the same game and love it by the way.

  12. Ooh yeah! We LOVE Mariokart here too, it is SO fun and addicting! Great shot, I really love the perspective you chose!

  13. Bobbi

    Great view! I love our wii so much, fun family times.

  14. Love the Wii! Mario Kart is so fun.

  15. Angela

    I really like your POV on this! And there’s green for St. Patrick’s day!

  16. I agree, I love the rich and vibrant colors! Nice shot!

  17. Cheryl P

    Love the pic! Our Wii is a fav toy in the house- especially Mario Cart! 🙂

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