Somehow (and I’m still not sure how) I ended up with two of these:



When I realized I had two of them I thought, “Hey!  I’ll give one away on my blog!”.  So I went to find it.  But somehow ( and I’m still not sure how) I kind of lost it.  Today as I was looking for something completely different, there it was in a big pile of what I like to call “Crap I need to deal with”.  

This is sold out in a lot of  places so I really don’t know how I landed 2 copies, but I did!

Here’s the deal:  leave a comment on any post between today’s post and  next Sunday’s (March 22nd) post .  The only thing is, your comment  can’t be on this post.  It has to be on one of my everyday, “trying to make my life seem more exciting than it actually is” posts.  Each comment will be given a number and I will use http://www.random.org to select a winner sometime on Monday March 23rd.  (If you want to comment but don’t want this very cool prize, just mention it in your comment and I will exclude you from the drawing).

More later

Peace out–



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2 responses to “{Giveaway}

  1. I know this comment doesn’t count lol but how sweet of you to give one away!

  2. I just commented on your Lazy Days post, but just re-read your instructions and realized you meant comments from now until the March 22nd will be entered. lol! I’ll be back! 😉

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