Spring, Minnesota Style

Anyone who has lived in the Upper Midwest knows that we define Spring  a little differently than the rest of the country.  I distinctly remember wearing shorts in high school as soon as it hit 40 degrees.  That is a heat wave for us when we have experienced months of temperatures and wind chills that have not made it above zero degrees.  

It also means the neighborhood comes back to life.  Children we have not seen for months reemerge, much taller and sometimes unrecognizable.  I cannot wait for warmer weather, kids running around until 10:00pm, bonfires, the smell of freshly cut grass…..it cannot come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. 

But for now, this is as good as it gets

Muddy feet:


Walking the dog in flip flops (and tube socks!) with an admirer trying to catch up


And a hockey player going all Woody Harrelson (White Men Can’t Jump) on me



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19 responses to “Spring, Minnesota Style

  1. Pat

    We get the early unseasonably dressed out here, too. But then, there are also the ones who do short, socks and sandals all year long. Wet and cold! Love the basketball shot.

  2. Great pictures! My kids break out the shorts when it hits 45deg here. I love how your neighbor still has a Christmas wreath over their garage – must have been a long, cold winter!

  3. Meaghan

    We never get below 50 so most people wear shorts all year. 🙂 I love the basketball shot. Perfect action!

  4. Diane Stewart

    Love the muddy tennis shoes. Also, really liked the basketball player photo:) How did you process these? they are terrific. Definitely inspires me to get outside and get to shooting some interesting photos. I certainly understand the shorts in 40 degree weather. We are sooooo excited for the spring warmth.

  5. Brenda

    Cute shots. 40 degrees and shorts no way I would be freezing and in need of a warm fire.

  6. Beth

    I love the action of the basketball one! And great processing on these!

  7. That last shot is so awesome. Its almost surreal.

  8. Love the first and last shots – love the pp! And love that jump!

  9. You gotta love spring! I love the basketball picture! How did you process that?

  10. Oh, how true! My kids were DYING to bust out the shorts and flip flops at the first hint of warmth! LOL. LOVE that last shot, that one is poster material!

  11. Monica

    LOVE the shots you captured of the “emerging” kiddos. here’s hoping you have a LONG spring!
    and the giveaway – that’s a nice prize you’re offering! (fingers crossed).

  12. Raechel B.

    You are so having the spring we should be having!!! I love the shot of your son in the air, I bet he’s really excited to have one of him like that ala MJ.

  13. Great captures and your pp is perfect for these.

  14. Angela2932

    I love the last shot, and I hear ‘ya on our definition of spring 🙂 !

  15. Michelle O.

    Love the tube socks and flipflops, I prefer jeans and sandals for that weather.

    Love the conversions you have hear and the last pic is fantastic.

  16. Laura

    I am in Ohio, so not as far north as you are, but I still understand how even 40 degrees sometimes feels like a heat wave!! The sure sign of spring around here is when the fisherman hit the river for the annual Walleye run. I was down there on Saturday and there were a few brave men out there already!!

  17. Angela

    haha! love these shots.. I’m loving the heat wave we are getting;) bring it on–I’m tired of S N O W!!

  18. Bren

    Great shots! Yep if it hits 40-45 look out cause the shorts will be out. May wear a light jacket but the shorts will be on! NW Missouri here!

  19. Hollie

    I grew up in Illinois and now live in So. Cal. I remember those days so well! Now, if it hits below 50 something degrees, it leather jacket weather. Oh, and Uggs all around!

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