Little Miss “A”

I had the wonderful opportunity today to photograph Miss A.  She stole my heart the minute I saw her.  She has such a kind, pure heart.  We went to a park near her home and I followed her around as she explored her world.  





I am so excited to edit the rest of her photos…I think I will have a hard time choosing the best ones because she is such a beautiful little girl!    Thank you, J & K for allowing me to spend time with your precious daughter…



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5 responses to “Little Miss “A”

  1. Pat

    Wow–you’ve really captured her personality in these. Love that first shot with her parents, and the last color portrait–wow, again!

  2. Beth

    She looks so overjoyed to swing high in the air:)

  3. Miss A is too cute, too adorable and absolutely lovely! Love the one where she is looking up to you!

  4. Staci Brock

    These are wonderful Michelle! Inspires me to go out and try that swing shot one more time…couldn’t really get what I wanted with my son. I absolutely love what you did with the first one. Great job!

    Contest: enter me! Thanks

  5. What a doll, look at those eyes (and I love her sweater). I really like the swing shots, the sky is so perfectly blue behind it. Totally going to try to get some good swing shots of DD.

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