From the Mouths of Babes….

Well, Noah isn’t a “babe” anymore, but his honesty still makes me laugh sometimes.  

He had an assignment at school to write an essay on his “Special Person”.  He chose Bruce.  

Let’s remember, Noah’s an athlete, not an artist….



Did he just call Bruce fat and me dumb??  I think I could write an entire thesis about this paper and what it says about our family, but I just want to clarify a couple of points.  

1.  I am not a great cook.  I don’t even like cooking.  Once, Kayla asked me if we could have something that didn’t come from a box or the freezer for dinner.  I said, “Probably not anytime soon.”  On the positive side, Noah’s future wife doesn’t have to go far to rise above my culinary talents.  Noah will think her cooking is the best thing on this planet as long as she made it from real ingredients.  Future wife, if you’re out there, you can thank me in 20 years.  I think I would like a string of pearls by that time.  

2.  I am also not dumb.  We have not yet gotten to the point where I can’t help Kayla with a problem during homework.  Sometimes, especially with Algebra, I have to take a couple of minutes to read the lesson as a refresher.  It doesn’t take long for me to figure it out.  But you know what?  Some days I just don’t {feel} like doing it.  Some days I am tired or crabby and I don’t want to take the effort to turn on that part of my brain.  Some days I send her to Bruce and tell her to ask him for help.  The fact of the matter is, he’s better at math than I am.  I can admit that freely, because I know I’m better at most of the other stuff.

 (For those of you that don’t know me well, that was a joke.  I don’t want to give the impression that I’m conceited.  I frequently make my kids eat frozen chicken nuggets for dinner, how could I be conceited?)

3.  A lot of the other things Noah said are very true.  Bruce is very generous and funny.  He loves sports and hates when the Wild lose.  He loves helping Noah with anything and everything.  And he does have a wee bit of a pot belly.  But so do I, so I guess we’re even.



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9 responses to “From the Mouths of Babes….

  1. Oh my word! That is SO funny. Hahahaha. Kids can be brutally honest….I know mine is.

  2. Pat

    Oh my gosh, this is so funny! I love it when we can see ourselves through our kids’ eyes…even when it makes us wince. Bruce sounds like a great guy.

  3. I love reading these! Whenever my kids write something about me for school, I have a “WTF?” moment. 😀

  4. Brenda

    OMG that is so funny. I just love when kids say or write the darnest things.

  5. LOL, isn’t it great what the kids write? And my DD would claim that I am a terrible cook because I don’t make what she wants (plain pasta – how boring is that?) – it’s all in their perspective!

  6. Jenn Hunton

    I love this. Kids are so great in their honest innocence, aren’t they? I know mine have made me cringe with some of their “refreshing honesty”, lol.

  7. Meaghan

    So cute! I love how he sees your family. I’m afraid of what my son would write!

  8. That is too funny!!! 🙂 TFS!

  9. Kelly A

    I love his drawing and his story..

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