Braces and Bathrooms

Sometimes I feel like my kids don’t know how lucky they have it.

When Kayla was 10 we finished the basement.  In the process she scored not only a bedroom away from the rest of us but also her own bathroom.  A bathroom all to herself.  A bathroom in which she can take as long as she wants to get ready….and take up as much space as she wants…and not worry about bumping elbows with someone else….

Now that I think about it, I have never had a bathroom to myself.  I shared it with my sister, my dormmates, my roommates, my husband.  Does she appreciate this luxury?  Probably not.  She’s a teenager.  She doesn’t appreciate much…it comes with the territory.

Rarely do I venture into her private haven but when I do I always get a little surprise.

She’s in a big self portrait phase which borders on an obsession.  Maybe I should be proud that she is taking an interest in photography?

And every girl needs to be properly manicured:

Considering this is what I saw on my last visit, I was pleasantly surprised.

As a side note, who doesn’t remember how exciting “Deband Day” was?!?!



She had better wear her retainer….



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11 responses to “Braces and Bathrooms

  1. Oh my goodness…how I would love to have my own bathroom. I am 28 and still I dream. She is so lucky. I love these pics…it shows who she is evolving into.

    FWI- my room looked like that as a freshman, but by junior year I had turned into this spotless neat freak! I had no mess or clutter in my room and my dad thought I was sick or something.

  2. Pat

    She’s gorgeous!! You can give her this cautionary tale–my DD was in braces for a total of 6 years. She had braces at the normal middle school age, had them removed with beautiful straight teeth. Didn’t wear her retainer. Boom! Back in braces for almost ALL of high school. Just let her know that braces in high school are a real downer.

  3. Jason

    Great shots, the finger nail polish shot is very cool. TFS

  4. Lauren (MichyM)

    Yay, what an exciting day! I still remember vividly how SMOOTH and odd my teeth felt when I got mine off a zillion years ago. She is beautiful with and without them, but I’ll bet she is thrilled!

    The story Pat told? Well, that was me too, except I waited until my late 20’s to have them redone, and paid for them myself (ouch). That story has been enough to convince my son to wear his retainer still (though only once or twice a month these days), and he got his braces off 4 years ago!

  5. Oh, Congrats to Kayla. She looks great and she looks responsible enough to wear the retainer.

  6. brenda

    Nice shots. No they don’t know how good they have it but they will appreciate it one day. She is so pretty.

  7. I’ve never had my own bathroom either. And from the age of 6 on I haven’t had a bedroom of my own either.
    My teenage dd is obsessed with self portraits too. I can’t tell you how many pics are in her folder on my computer.

    Kayla looks great! My dd still wears her retainer to bed at night 4-5 times a week and she hasn’t had braces for a few years now. If she doesn’t a couple of her teeth slip out of place.

    Nice shots!

  8. Beth

    I never had my own room or bathroom either! She is a lovely girl, with or without the braces.

  9. Beautiful girl… and lucky too!!!

  10. She’s beautiful! And I love the note you left her on the previous visit!

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