My Very Special Day

Happy birthday to me!  It’s my Very Special Day and that means that everyone in this family has to do what I want with a smile on their face.  It is hands down the best day of the year.

This morning I got Starbucks and a cinnamon roll.  I took a nap and  then Bruce and I went on a walk together.  I got a new lens for my birthday so I made Kayla go out and let me get some practice with it.  It was pretty windy so we didn’t get much, but it was fun anyway.  Later tonight Bruce and are going to watch Fireproof.  I like birthdays.  They’re the best.

I’m not entirely happy with the sharpness of this lens so far.  I will give it a little more practice before I send it back for a different copy.   Maybe there is a learning curve or perhaps I’m just used to my 50/1.4.  This is not my normal processing and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  I tried to go for the desaturated, grungy look but I think I have some work to do. 🙂 I got a little lazy and didn’t erase back the texture on these very well.  If I decide to print them I will go back and do that.  It was just a little too much work for my Very Special Day.



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8 responses to “My Very Special Day

  1. Happy birthday!!! What a great set of pictures. She is adorable and your location is great. It’s really hard to tell if your lens is soft on such small images, but from what I can see it looks pretty good.

  2. Rocky

    Awesome shots and happy b-day

  3. These are just beautiful! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Beth

    Happy birthday! I love the way you celebrated it:) Enjoy the lens!

  5. Happy birthday to you!! Looks like you had a great birthday! Love that second shot!

  6. Pat

    Happy birthday! Hope the evening was as much fun as the rest of the day and that you enjoyed the movie. Love that second shot of your DD in the chair, listening to her iPod. Such a typical teenage pose. Pretty girl!!

  7. Happy birthday sweetie! I hope your day was fun and relaxing. Awesome shots of your dd- and I love your faded, grungy processing here- maybe you could just add a little contrast to punch it up a bit? She is so pretty!

  8. Love, love, love the first one! They are all great though. Sounds like you had a great day; happy birthday!

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