Officially Old

I consider myself a pretty self-aware individual.  I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses.  I am compassionate and generous.  I like to think I’m kind of  funny. Others might disagree, but that’s probably because they have no sense of humor. 🙂  I am also a somewhat messy person and I am just a tiny bit vain.   I am very proud of the fact that at 38 years old I don’t color my hair because I don’t have to.  I have no gray hair.  I love it when people are shocked that I have a 14 year old daughter.

I have no intention of aging gracefully.  I plan on fighting it every step of the way.  Am I making it harder on myself?  Probably, but I’m OK with that.

Today I went to get my eye exam.   After he had me read something near my face (rather than on the far wall) I jokingly said “Is it time for bifocals?”  Imagine my shock when he didn’t laugh along with me and instead started his response with “Well….”

That’s never a good sign.

“…….we have a couple of options.”

Options for what????  I’m 38.  Barely 38.  I’m basically still 37, right?

“You could definitely use some correction for reading.  Probably the easiest thing to do would be to get some reading glasses.”

You’re kidding right.  This isn’t funny.  Bruce is almost 43 and doesn’t need reading glasses.  I have no gray hair, how can I need reading glasses?

If I’m completely honest I have noticed myself holding things just a wee bit further away when I’m reading.  But I figured my prescription just needed to be tweaked.  I didn’t think I was……


I shudder just saying it.

But after the initial shock wore off I managed to see the humor in it.  I envision myself with the skinny little glasses resting on the end of my nose and peeking over the top to look at things in the distance.  Maybe I’ll get myself once of those fancy-schmancy beaded chains and wear them around my neck so I don’t lose them.

But for today I just picked up a pair from Target and we’ll see how it goes.

And for the record, I had gotten so used to this:

that I forgot it was supposed to look like this:



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11 responses to “Officially Old

  1. Beth

    I love the books you chose for the shot and the before and after of the print. I know how you feel, I am 33 and have a 13 year old. People are shocked, but then last week I bought a beer and no one carded me 😦

  2. Bobbi

    But glasses are adorable so it’s all good! I say we need a self portait of you in the glasses 🙂

  3. I have bifocals. I hate them but at least I can read. I have some gray hair too. I’ve earned it. 😉

  4. Angela

    Oh, you, child!!!!! I love the photo examples of blurred versus clear vision! Very clever. And now, do you remember my posts about hearing that I had cataracts? HA! (if you don’t, sign of memory loss!) Now THAT was simply not possible! But I’m really enjoying reading again (although secretly, I still think the doc was wrong.) 38 is still a baby (I’m 55). Don’t give in to the world trying to drive a wedge between you and yourself, making you feel like you’re worth less because you’re all of 38! It’s really NOT very many years, and even if it were, what? Are you suppose to agree that you should be taken out back and shot? Anyway, that’s more than my 2 cents worth, so I guess I have to behave myself more tomorrow 🙂

  5. I look every day of my 42 years. 😀 You can find really cute reading glasses these days. I like the way you perched them on the books.

  6. I had to get bifocals not to long ago so I know exactly how you feel. Dont worry, its not that bad, most dont know mine are bifocals

  7. I’d love to see you in your glasses as well. I just read your book here and found it very interesting! Great post and hope to see you soon!

  8. Oh goodness….don’t feel bad at all. You aren’t old. Clearly you are just going hoping to look stylin’ in those glasses because they rock! I have notoriously bad eye site (I wear contacts), and I am 28 and notice that my up close work getting more difficult to read too. GREAT…there goes another bazillion $$ at the eye doctor. I love your journaling, and your photos are great! Especially that first one.

    And yes, I love your sense of humor.

  9. You are going to rock those glasses!! Love the before and after shots!! Can’t wait to see a self-portrait! 🙂

  10. Aww… *pats on shoulder*. But you are going to look so stylish in those glasses!

  11. Great post! But those are some fab reading glasses – you will be so styling in them. I also love the stack of books you chose to set them on – very clever!

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