Baby M

I got to photograph the beautiful Miss M today.  It took a little work to get her to sleep for us and she didn’t much like it when we tried to move her around so we tried to get some variety with fancy headwear. 🙂  Here is a little sneak peek for Mom–I can’t wait to edit the rest!

I also got to hang out with L while M was having a snack.  L loves Spiderman, cars, and his best friend is his big brother E.  He was also my assistant while we worked on some shots of M and Mom.  He has the cutest smile when he wrinkles up his nose.  Another piece of my heart was taken today….



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12 responses to “Baby M

  1. shawkrem

    What an adorable little cuties:) Great job!

  2. Lauren (MichyM)

    Oh my goodness, how cute is she? Beautiful captures!

  3. Beautiful! I want to reach through the screen and just cuddle both kiddos! The mom is going to be so pleased; you knocked these out of the ball park.

  4. Great shots! Love the one of big brother too!

  5. Beth

    I love the second one! And he has a lot of personality:)

  6. You did a great job Michelle!! I love her all sleepy and sporting the adorable hats! Her little brother is super cute too, I’m sure he was a great assistant! I need to look for an assistant like that, I’ve been looking for an adult lol!

  7. Beautiful! LOVE that second shot. 🙂

  8. Aww! *sigh* She is so precious and perfect. And her brother- what a ham! Adorable!

  9. amy

    She is the most perfect little girl, so darn cute! These shots are gorgeous! And her brother looks like a fun little boy. 🙂

  10. Oh, these melt my heart – what a precious little thing. That 2nd shot – wow! Looks like she’ll have fun with big bro, too!

  11. I love these!! OMG what adorable captures!! Fantastic job!

  12. Teri M

    So precious! Wonderful job.

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