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Sneak Peek for the K family

The K family invited me to spend some time with them recently for some family photos.  They are such a beautiful family….inside and out!!  Thank you for the opportunity!!

Sometimes great moments happen on the way back to the car 🙂



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Carwash & Consequence

My Darling Children:

While writing “Wash Me” on the rear windshield of my car may seem funny to you, all it does is earn you a bucket of soapy water and 2 sponges so you can do the honors yourselves.  Consider it a life lesson.




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Some snapshots of our last few days…..

On January 1st  I eagerly embarked on Project 365 wherein you take a photo every day for a year.  The goal is not to get a technically perfect, ready to frame portrait each day.  It is to document your every day life and things you might take for granted in the frenzy of trying to keep up.  I was 100% gung ho on this project in the beginning, but started to struggle toward the end of February.  Seriously….how many pictures can I take of my kids doing homework or our family eating frozen pizza for dinner?  We’re just not that exciting.  I think that this project is perfect for those of you that have  kids who are home during the day.  It’s a great way to capture favorite toys or activities.  If you have kids at home I would *highly* encourage you to put your camera where it is easily accessible and give this a try.  I wish I had done something like this when my kids were younger….

I have modified the idea and am doing Project 94.  I will take a photo a day during their summer vacation.   This is more feasible for me.

Noah’s class had Field Day last week.  It was so much fun for the kids.  They went to a local park and where they had tug of war, wheelbarrow races,  three-legged races, and potato sack races.

When you’re nearly the tallest child in your school, the sacks aren’t made for you…..

But Noah never gave up

On the last day of school Kayla had a couple of friends over and they wanted to burn their notebooks and assignments.  As the daughter of a teacher I’m certain this would not have been allowed in my house but I didn’t see the harm in it.  It was kind of symbolic of the end of middle school….and it saved me the trouble of going through her  backpack and deciding what to keep and what to throw….

Taking a picture of themselves….I have one tall one and one short one. Notice how her friends have to come down to her height. 🙂  It’s hard to believe she was in the 90th per centile for height in elementary school…

Yesterday was a Lazy Day and the kids hung out together:

And today Noah had a friend over.  Remember, the goal is capturing the moment & not great photos 🙂

Now……..pick up your camera and shoot!!


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Anatomy of a Boy


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