Carwash & Consequence

My Darling Children:

While writing “Wash Me” on the rear windshield of my car may seem funny to you, all it does is earn you a bucket of soapy water and 2 sponges so you can do the honors yourselves.  Consider it a life lesson.





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8 responses to “Carwash & Consequence

  1. estherpederson

    LOL, that’s hilarious! And I love that you were standing there documenting it, making sure ever speck of dirt was gone! 🙂

  2. Beth

    That is perfect! I love that kind of mothering:)

  3. I’d make them do the carwash just for not being more original than “wash me.” 🙂

  4. Chell

    LOL I love it. Good for you

  5. Rofl! Great parenting! Love the storyboard of all the pics.

  6. Pat

    LOve it! Not only do you make sure they do the job, you document it for posterity, just in case they forget! Great storyboard.

  7. Too funny!! I would do the same thing!!

  8. Wish someone’d write “wash me” on my car, and I could put the same consequences into effect! Nice photo-journaling!

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