Sneak Peek for the K family

The K family invited me to spend some time with them recently for some family photos.  They are such a beautiful family….inside and out!!  Thank you for the opportunity!!

Sometimes great moments happen on the way back to the car 🙂



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11 responses to “Sneak Peek for the K family

  1. shawkrem

    You’re right…a beautiful family yes indeed. Love the emotion you captured in the second shot!

  2. You captured such personality and fun in these shots. I love the dandelion fluff floating away, the one with the swing and the one with her hair flowing around as she turns…Very nice!

  3. Pat

    I LOVE that first shot with the disassembled dandelion and that wonderful expression of amazement on his face. The swing shot, and the “parking lot” shot are both great, too. Nice work!!!

  4. Lauren (MichyM)

    What a cute family, they look like they’re having a great time!

  5. Beth

    The little boy kissing his mom is adorable! So loving:)

  6. Lou

    Those are beautiful. What a cute little guy!!

  7. I think my fave is the 2nd and last shots – beautiful family!

  8. What a great series! So fun!

  9. Wow these are fantastic! Great captures!

  10. These are really great. I really like the 2nd one with the mom. Very precious.

  11. These are just quintessential summer. Gorgeous. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the swing shot. I might try to get one of those myself today.

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