Sneak Peek

How could you not love these kids?!?!

And a couple of other beautiful subjects who let me snap some photos 🙂



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8 responses to “Sneak Peek

  1. That last one made me laugh! Love the colors on these, well the color ones anyway! 😉

  2. Jason

    Very nice, I really like the colors on these and PP’ing. TFS!

  3. Pat

    Nice assortment here. Gotta love that last one! By the way, your letter to your mom is very touching.

  4. That last one is definitely my personal fav.

  5. amy

    Awesome shots! The first and last ones are my faves! 🙂

  6. Wow, a whole post full of beauties! These are all great- love that last shot, it made me say “AWW” out loud! 🙂

  7. Angela2932

    I love the interaction between the two in the 2nd photo! Sweet!

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