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Sara & David | Minneapolis St Paul Engagement Photographer

First things first–

Sara & David are not engagned….yet. 🙂

Sara is my niece and she and David were kind enough to allow me to photograph them & build my portfolio.  They are such a great couple….so relaxed and at ease with each other.  They seem to fit together perfectly:  no pretenses, no pretending, no point to prove.

Can I tell you how much I love them and the fact that they were up for anything?  They let me play & experiment with some ideas I had.  They traipsed through the tall grass, climbed hills, sat in the dirt, dodged other people and went along with all of my random, disjointed, crazy & sometimes ADD-ridden thoughts without ever questioning it.  They chased the light with me, even if they didn’t know that’s what we were doing. 🙂

I cannot even express my love of this one….it makes my heart sing!

Hello, beautiful!

A couple just for fun….

And this one…..oh how I love this one.  I feel like I snuck in and caught a perfect moment in time.

Thank you so much, Sara & David, for a great night!!


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Sneak Peek: Paige & Garrett | Minneapolis St. Paul Engagement Photographer

I first met Paige & Garrett in February and immediately fell in love with them., despite the fact that Garrett is a Packer fan! 🙂

They have such an effortless love and I know that they will have many happy years to come….

Thank you, Paige & Garrett, for the wonderful evening!!

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Sneak Peek! The G Family

I first met the G family in March when I had the privilege of doing Baby Z’s newborn portraits.  When they contacted me to do family portraits I jumped at the opportunity!  I feel a real connection with this family.  They remind me so much of my own family a decade ago.

I went into this session feeling so inspired.  We had a fabulous location & I had grand ideas for poses & props.  I was quickly reminded, however, who was really in charge….and that was little Miss K.  This little girl stole a piece of my heart the first time I met her but she may very well have taken the rest of it with her during this session.  She’s a spitfire, this one.  She is charming, precocious, uncompromising and sweet all at once.  I would {love} to meet her again in 20 years because I think that she is well on her way to becoming an absolutely amazing woman!

And of course there is Mr. Z….such a laid back, sweet little guy who is willing to go along with whatever is thrown his way.  He was such a trooper on that crisp November morning.  We didn’t hear a peep from him !

This is my  favorite family portrait to date.  I absolutely love the emotion it captures!  It is such a real  moment and one I hope they will remember for years to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you G family for allowing me to be a part of your lives!


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It’s All About the Shoes

Need I say more??





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The M Family

I had the pleasure of doing a session with the  *gorgeous* M family today.  They were such great sports following me around as we found nice spots for portraits!

Thanks for the fun afternoon!


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Sneak Peek for the K family

The K family invited me to spend some time with them recently for some family photos.  They are such a beautiful family….inside and out!!  Thank you for the opportunity!!

Sometimes great moments happen on the way back to the car 🙂


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