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Sneak Peek: Miss N | Minneapolis St. Paul Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting N yesterday and it was such a joy to cuddle her and be a small part of her life.

N had a very early and very dramatic entrance into this world so she was seven weeks old when I met her.  Normally newborn sessions are done in the first two weeks of life while they are still sleepy and flexible so I was a little nervous going in but she was absolutely perfect!  She slept almost the entire time and didn’t mind too much as we moved her around.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, C family for allowing me the come to your home yesterday and capture Miss N’s first weeks!



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Sneak Peek: The G Family [Minneapolis St. Paul Children’s Photographer]

This is the third time I have had the privilege of photographing this family and I love them more every time I see them.

Miss K is so kind hearted and one of the smartest little girls I’ve ever met.  I could spend all day just listening to her talk….she is wise beyond her years.

The first time I met Z he was only days old.  I can’t believe what a little man he is becoming!!

Thank you for a fun morning–I can’t wait to see you again!


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Sneak Peek! The G Family

I first met the G family in March when I had the privilege of doing Baby Z’s newborn portraits.  When they contacted me to do family portraits I jumped at the opportunity!  I feel a real connection with this family.  They remind me so much of my own family a decade ago.

I went into this session feeling so inspired.  We had a fabulous location & I had grand ideas for poses & props.  I was quickly reminded, however, who was really in charge….and that was little Miss K.  This little girl stole a piece of my heart the first time I met her but she may very well have taken the rest of it with her during this session.  She’s a spitfire, this one.  She is charming, precocious, uncompromising and sweet all at once.  I would {love} to meet her again in 20 years because I think that she is well on her way to becoming an absolutely amazing woman!

And of course there is Mr. Z….such a laid back, sweet little guy who is willing to go along with whatever is thrown his way.  He was such a trooper on that crisp November morning.  We didn’t hear a peep from him !

This is my  favorite family portrait to date.  I absolutely love the emotion it captures!  It is such a real  moment and one I hope they will remember for years to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you G family for allowing me to be a part of your lives!


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Sneak Peek

How could you not love these kids?!?!

And a couple of other beautiful subjects who let me snap some photos 🙂


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Sneak Peek for the K family

The K family invited me to spend some time with them recently for some family photos.  They are such a beautiful family….inside and out!!  Thank you for the opportunity!!

Sometimes great moments happen on the way back to the car 🙂


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